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Studio Goblin

Portfolio website for Studio Goblin.

Unique Hand-drawn Animation

Studio Goblin is a small, friendly animation studio based in Norwich, UK. They pride themselves on being creative and unique while pushing their hand-drawn, exaggerated style to stand out. They have a small cult following with their short toons, offbeat animation, and positive content. We worked with Studio Goblin to create an interactive portfolio website.

Increased online exposure.

We created a fun and engaging website to showcase Goblin’s variety of work and the process behind their hand-drawn individual style. There are many extravagant hover states and quirky features throughout the website, along with the incorporation of the animated Goblin. New portfolio items and news can be uploaded through the CMS keeping Studio Goblin’s followers up-to-date with the latest content from the studio.

Working with Outlab has been a pleasure. Both Joe and Sam are incredibly communicative. A project that could have easily been out of our hands felt more like a collaboration. The team are very receptive to feedback and used our suggestions as a springboard to develop concepts that truly exceeded expectations. They engaged critically and creatively with the work.

Studio Goblin