Studio Goblin

Studio Goblin

Studio Goblin, a vibrant animation studio has carved a niche for itself in the animation industry with its hand-drawn, exaggerated style and commitment to creativity. With a small yet dedicated following of fans, Studio Goblin prides itself on delivering offbeat animations and positive content that captivates audiences.

Studio Goblin

UI Design
Style Guide
Website Design

Portfolio website for animation agency Studio Goblin

The project

I created a fun and interactive portfolio website for Studio Goblin's creative work. Drawing inspiration from their hand-drawn style and quirky charm, the site is infused with playful animations, extravagant hover states, and fun features. Content can be updated through the CMS allowing Studio Goblin to efficiently update their portfolio. Understanding the importance of maintaining brand consistency, I developed a style guide for Studio Goblin, outlining key design elements, colour palettes, and typography.

The outcome

The launch of Studio Goblin's website has been met with enthusiastic praise. The website not only showcases the studio's exceptional talent and creativity, but also serves as a testament to its commitment to storytelling. Studio Goblin is committed to spreading joy, positivity, and wonder one frame at a time.

"Working with Joe has been a pleasure. A project that could have easily been out of our hands felt more like a collaboration. Joe is very receptive to feedback and used our suggestions as a springboard to develop concepts that truly exceeded expectations."

Fraser Brown
Animator & Partner