Seatrium ORS

Seatrium ORS

Seatrium Offshore Renewable Services is a leading provider of repair, maintenance solutions, and logistics services to the offshore energy industry. Seatrium ORS embarked on a strategic transition as they evolved away from fabricating offshore platforms to focusing on offering comprehensive support and maintenance services. This transition included a new name, identity, and colour scheme to reflect their evolved focus. I designed a new website and style guide for Seatruim ORS as they transitioned from Sembmarine SLP to Seatrium ORS. Seatrium ORS is a subsidiary of Seatrium, one of the world's largest EPC contractors in the offshore engineering industry.

Seatruim ORS

UI Design
Style Guide
Website Design

Website for Seatrium Offshore Renewable Services

The project

The modern and intuitive website design is based on the insights gained from the rebranding process. The website's architecture was redesigned to highlight core services. These include Operational Maintenance, Hook-Up and Commissioning, and Logistical Support. The challenge was to create a site that referenced the wealth of knowledge and expertise of Sembmarine SLP as they transitioned from delivering offshore platforms to service delivery. This was achieved by integrating client case studies and a timeline of events and achievements.

The outcome

The website has helped establish the new brand identity and direction of Seatrium ORS. The user-friendly design and informative content means visitors can easily navigate the site and find relevant information. The site has received positive feedback from clients and stakeholders within the industry, with Seatrium ORS now well-positioned to seize new opportunities within the offshore sector.