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Digital design system for Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Cambridge University

Cambridge University Press & Assessment is a world-leader in assessment, education, research and academic publishing. With a global presence and commitment to excellence, they play an important role in providing high-quality educational materials. I have worked with Cambridge University Press & Assessment since 2021, supporting them with the creation of their design systems and the design of their digital platforms.

The project

Cambridge University Press & Assessment faces the challenge of having multiple teams, designers, and developers working on one product at the same time. This creates difficulties in consistency and team efficiency. Ensuring coherence in design elements, brand identity, and user interfaces plays an important role within such a large organisation. I worked with the English Product Group in creating a digital design system to aid design and development at scale. Atomic design principles were applied to break down the design elements into reusable components, ensuring flexibility and scalability for future development.

The outcome

The centralised library of design assets ensures every member of the English Product Group adheres to consistent styling, layout standards, and brand guidelines across all digital platforms and communication materials. The English Product Group can now create design solutions while adhering to the university's brand identity and design philosophy.

"Joe supports our design team on the build, application, and maintenance of our design systems. Recently, Joe has supported the team in the application of our new branding across platforms, bringing to the team expertise in atomic design methodology to craft design systems, supporting us to provide branded, seamless, and consistent experience for our customers."

Hannah Todd
DesignOps Manager