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Website design and development for the 12th Man campaign.

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Be the 12th man

Be the 12th Man

The 12th Man campaign helps men talk more openly about mental health. It encourages them to be the 12th Man for their friends, families, and other people in their lives. The 12th Man wanted to create a hub of information and resources for men struggling with their mental health.

heading: The Project

The Project

We created a website that offers men the opportunity to engage with their local community, tackle the stigma of mental health, and seek the help they may need. Users can find their nearest 12th Man Barbershop and get directions, join 12th Man clubs, find support in their local area, donate to their favourite project and engage with the latest news and events.

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The 12th Man community spans multiple trades and interests. It was essential that these could all be represented on the website, by creating them via our bespoke content management system. Users of the website can easily get involved with a project, as we use their phones' GPS and Google Maps API integration to display local results.

As individuals and a collective Outlab are a joy to work with. The feedback we receive from beneficiaries of our projects about the impact of Outlab's work is consistently and overwhelmingly positive.

Nick little, Founder

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We love working for charities and supporting our local community. We offer reduced rates for the charity sector.

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